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Postal Address Code Search Instructions

  • In the field "City, municipality or settlement" - enter one of these three data. For the most precise search result, it is advisable to enter the hierarchically lowest administrative unit, or populated place.
  • For easier search, it is possible to use a special character * when entering data..
    For example: kr* - for inquires starting with the letters "kr" (Kragujevac, Kralja, etc.), *akov* - for inquires containing in their name bound letters "akov" (Oblakovska, Vidakoviceva, etc.) or *orska - for inquiries ending with the letters "orska" (Zlatiborska, Izvorska etc.).
  • If the street name contains a number and you do not get the search result, try entering the number in the street name with letters. For example: Osmi mart, Desetog oktobra and the like.

Search results

As the search result to your inquiry, besides the information on PAK and its dispaly on the map, you will receive more data necessary for regular addressing of a postal item:

  1. name of the street (as well as the old name, if any),
  2. house number (and sub-number),
  3. name of the settlement,
  4. postal code and the name of the destination post,
  5. postal address code (PAK).