Telegram's Status Tracking

Track status - Telegram

The “Track and Trace” tool allows you to obtain information about the date, time, location, and status of your telegram from the moment of entering the system.

Telegram identification

Each telegram in the system has its own reception (identification) number.

By entering the reception number and pressing the “Track” button, you run the search process.

Search result

The search result is the display of the status change for the inquired telegram: date, location (post office), and status.


The procedure of delivering telegrams is performed in four phases:

  • Reception
  • Arrival
  • Assignment
  • Delivery


List of possible telegram statuses:

  • Received
  • Arrived
  • Assigned for delivery
  • Next delivery
  • Reported
  • Redirected
  • Dispatched
  • Returned
  • Delivered

Contact Centre of the Post of Serbia

If the search did not provide you with the requested information, please call the Contact Centre of the Post of Serbia, at: 0700 100 300.

What is the purpose of the “Track and Trace” system

The “Track and Trace” system, a system for electronic tracking of telegrams, allows the telegram service customer to find out at any time the status of the telegram: whether it arrived in the destination post office, whether it was delivered, returned, or redirected.

Can telegram statuses be tracked in the “Track and Trace” system?

Yes, statuses of telegrams can be tracked in the “Track and Trace” system.

How can we realize the “Track and Trace” service?

The customer can realize the service of electronic tracking of telegrams by submitting the telegram to the employee of the Post or by communicating it over the phone to a Call Centre operator.

Are telegrams tracked in international postal traffic?

All telegrams received for international traffic are immediately dispatched to the country of destination, where our Enterprise does not have further insight into the status.

What does the status "Dispatched" mean in relation to telegrams received for abroad?

The "Track and Trace - Telegrams" application is intended for telegrams in domestic postal traffic. For telegrams in international traffic, it only provides information up to the following status – “Dispatched”. This means that telegram statuses in international traffic is recorded only until the dispatch of telegrams from our country, after which our Enterprise has no further insight into the status.

In which situations are telegrams discharged with the status "Returned"?

For telegrams which are determined to be undeliverable during the attempted delivery (due to insufficient address, unknown recipient, recipient that moved or will not receive the telegram, etc.) or in situations when the deadline for the delivery in the post office has expired, telegrams shall be returned to the sender with the indicated reason behind the failed delivery.