About us - Social Responsibility

Our employees know how, the network can, technology progresses, the services prove.

The Post of Serbia performs socially responsible practices equally in all areas of business, thus contributing to the creation of a better working and living environment, and the overall economic environment in view of its leadership position.

Socially responsible business practice is present in all segments of business: care for the employees and users, with constant improvement of services, environmental protection and investment in the social community.

Care for the employees

The Post is a reliable business partner and institution of trust, at the service of citizens and the state, which is achieved thanks to the dedication and knowledge of all the employees.

Professional development and improvement

The Post realizes professional development and improvement of the employees through the organization of internal and external trainings and seminars and different testings.

Motivation of the employees

At the end of each quarter, the Post awards 13 workers according to the criteria such as quality and quantity of work, reliability, communication skills, knowledge transfer and organizational skills.

Nurturing human potential

Care of human resources is reflected in the improvement of working conditions, protection of health and safety at work.

Action “Put a little effort to make things better”, which has been carried out at the Post since 2009, aims to induce the employees to embelish the work space, and at the same time raise the awareness about the importance of nicely furnished working environment, for both the employees and users.

Customer care

The diversified network of 1500 post offices, is the main prerequisite for providing widely available and affordable services. The services of the Post are created according to the needs of customers, international standards of postal traffic and quality standard ISO 9001.

In dynamic market conditions, the customer care is performed in two basic directions - increasing satisfaction and loyalty of customers and improvement of relations with customers.

Increasing Customers' Satisfaction and Trust

Increasing Customers' Satisfaction and Trust is reflected in:

  • efficient and effective coordination of supply and demand - redesign and adjustment of products portfolio according to the demands and needs of customers;
  • combining communication channels and transfering corporate messages to target customers;
  • modification of assortment and competitiveness of services and creating of modern business solutions with added value;
  • improving sales activities.

Improving relationship with customers

The Post improves the relationship with customers through the Implementation of the Quality Management Systems project (SMK), whose aim is to respect quality standards, rights and customers’ interests.

Applying the quality standard ISO 9001:2015 enables the insight into all the processes and business activities, starting from procurement, contracting and service realization, the employees training process, development of new services and marketing improvement. The point is that all the work is done through procedures, instruction and recordings, which is a core step towards the raising of employees’ awareness about the quality importance.

Caring for the safety, health at work and environmental protection

The task of socially responsible practice in this field is to protect the integrity of postal activities and to enable the functioning of the system in all conditions, while improving the quality of life of users and employees.

Care for the safety of employees is carried out by a systematic approach to preventive action, through testing of work equipment and working environment conditions, the use of protective work equipment and preventive health care.

In a broader sense, environmental protection implies monitoring the impact of business on the environment (e.g. the impact of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, controlling the handling of hazardous and waste materials generated in the work process, etc.).

Relation towards the community

The Post provides donations, sponsorships and support to humanitarian actions in different areas.

Since 2014, every first Saturday of the month, a workshop for children "Postal Clock" is held at the PTT Museum, where children up to ten years of age, through play, entertainment and customized professional curatorship, have the opportunity to get acquainted with the basic principles of work and post and the functioning of postal services, being educated how to compose and send a letter or a postcard.

The Director's Office every year organizes the action of a wider social significance, named "Write to Santa Claus". Prizes are awarded to the best individual and group works of children from all over Serbia.

With the aim of investing in actions of a broader social significance that promote family values and community spirit, the Post of Serbia has, for many years, been supporting the "Collective Wedding" manifestation, that in the best way promotes the traditional values of our society – cooperation and commitment, at the same time sending the most beautiful postcard of Serbia as a tourist destination.

As part of the action of introducing free Internet in the post offices of remote and less developed rural areas of Serbia, the free "Internet corner" for the citizens of these cities, especially the elderly population, offers the possibility of using modern technologies, the availability of Internet and electronic services, skype and useful information. Employees at the Post offer education and advice to those who need them in order to use modern services and different ways of communication.

Also, in over 200 post office free Wi-Ffi is available to users.

In addition to regular activities, the Post of Serbia supports the realization of significant cultural and artistic achievements every year, as well as social events in various areas: marking of important historical dates and anniversaries, literature, photography, theater and stage art, film and TV production.

The Post of Serbia provides financial assistance and promotes the development of information technologies and science, information literacy and the development of new skills, especially for the youth. Supporting the development of new technologies in postal and telecommunication traffic, year after year, the Post sponsors the PostTel Symposium, organized by the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade.

Throughout the year, the organization of sports events and manifestations is supported as well.

The Post of Serbia, by means of donations, is involved in a series of humanitarian initiatives in areas such as: health, health care and child care, thus showing special concern for these particularly vulnerable groups. For example, for several years now, the Post of Serbia has been sharing with great pleasure festive holiday joy with its youngest friends, the beneficiaries of institutions for children without parental care, for which New Year's gathering and giving of presents is traditionally organized.

Within a long-term commercial discount programme, the WU "Post NET" has been providing its services to persons with disabilities, with an approved discount of 50% of the regular price.