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Company Information

PE Post of Serbia, Belgrade
Takovska 2, 11120 Belgrade, PAК: 135403

Working hours of Administration office (relevant organizational part of the Enterprise for reception and processing of e-mails) is from 7:30 to 15:30 hrs.

E-mail address is posta.rs@posta.rs

Registry certificate no.: 1-23306-00, Commercial Court in Belgrade
Account no.: 160-800-04, Banka Intesa, Belgrade
TIN: 100002803
Registration no.: 07461429

Ownership Structure

The PE Post of Serbia is the owner of shares in the capital of the following legal entities with which it defines the basic business mission, which primarily refers to raising the level of services:

  • 100 % – Mobtel-PTT Ltd.;
  • 24,18% Postal Savings Bank, Jsc.;
  • 1,07% Politika Ltd.

Company Profile

The Post of Serbia is the largest infrastructure and logistic business system in the country that covers the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia.

The Post provides universal postal services and has the exclusive right to perform reserved services within certain limits by weight and price, guaranteed by the state.

Universal postal service is an activity of general interest and represents a set of postal services that are continuously performed on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, within the framework of prescribed quality, at affordable prices and under equal conditions for all customers.

Commercial services are performed by other companies as well that have the approval of the Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services, since there is free competition in this segment.

For further information, please refer to Services of the Post of Serbia.

In addition to its predominant activity, the Enterprise performs postal activities of commercial service, trade and distribution of postage stamps and securities, financial activities, representation and mediation in insurance processes, telecommunications (cable, wireless, satellite and other telecommunication services), computer programming and information service activities related to telecommunications, printing and publishing, road freight transport, storage, real estate rental and management.

The scope of the Post includes over 580 services of high quality, speed and reliability. It covers postal, parcel, express, financial, logistic, electronic and marketing services.