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Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board supervises all the operations within the Enterprise.

Members of the Supervisory Board

Born in 1948 in Bileća, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Completed the Secondary School of Economics in Trebinje, and graduated from Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade – Department in Priština.

His first employment was with the Federal Chamber of Commerce in Belgrade, Processing Chemical Industry Group, Belgrade, as the expert associate and the secretary, to proceed to the General Association of Chemical and Rubber Industry of Yugoslavia, where he advanced to the position of a senior adviser within eight years. From 1987 till 2004 perofrmed several significant functions in the Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce. Director of ACM INT LLC and ACMER LLC Belgrade since May 2004, in 2010 came to a managerial position with BIO ENERGY POINT LLC Belgrade, for the next four years.

Holder of the Expert Diploma – Certification and Expertise of Industrial Products in the Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce, and of several professional certificates. A laureate of many awards and prizes for successful engagement in the Federal Chamber of Commerce, Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce and the General Association of Chemical and Rubber Industry of Yugoslavia.

Speaks Russian language and some English.

He is married and has two children.

Born in 1948 in Kruščić, Municipality Kula.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law , University of Belgrade in 1972.


Employed in BIGZ (Belgrade publishing graphic Institute) where he worked as a secretary of the Organisation of joint work of graphic activity, director of legal and personnel sector, i.e secretary of OOUR publishing activity.


Emloyed with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce where he served in four mandates; appointed at the Chamber Assembley as the secretary of the General Operations Office, i.e. as the secretary of the Office for material and financial and technical and administration operations. He earned his old-age pension in 2013 as an independent counselor in the Association for creative industry of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

- 2011 –

A member and later also the Chairman of UO DP „Kluz-Kozara“ from Belgrade. Till 2013, deputy member in permanent formation in the City Election Comittee; Awarded with the „Golden Stamp“ (Zlatni pečat), for the contribution in the Graphic industry at the Fair „Grafima“ in 2013.

Born in 1975.

Graduated from the Faculty of Business Studies, at Megatrend University in Belgrade, where she also completed her master academic studies, earning a master’s degree in economics (MEcon).

From 2005 to 2016, she was employed at PE Business Premises Zemun, where she began her career as an assistant director of the Working Unit for Management, Purpose and Maintenance of Marketplaces, after which she worked as the Director of the Working Unit for Marketplaces Management. Then she became the Director of Business Premises Management, and then the Executive Director of Finance at PE Business Premises Zemun.

Since 2016, she has been the Executive Director of the Organizational Support at PE Ski Resorts of Serbia.

From 2009 to 2012, she was a member of the Supervisory Board of PE Business Premises Zemun. She was also a member of the Supervisory Board of PE Ski Resorts of Serbia from March to November 2016, and from 2018 to January 2021 a member of the Management Board of the Commercial Bank.

She speaks English and Russian.

Born in 1959 in Zemun.

He finished the Secondary Technical Military School (Department of Telecommunications) in Belgrade, and the PTT College of Applied Studies of Information and Communication Technologies in Zagreb. He graduated from the Faculty of Business and Service, where he earned his Master’s degree in Economics.

He started his professional career at the Post of Serbia more than 35 years ago, as a PTT Traffic Engineer engaged in positions ranging from technological to managerial.

He gained his work experience at various positions within the Working Unit “Čačak”, namely: Controller in Postal Traffic, Controller in the Postal Centre, Independent Official for Postal Traffic, Manager of the First-Order Postal Network Unit, Organizer of Defence Operations, bearing titles of Associate and Chief Associate respectively, and as of 2012, he has obtained a title of Leading Associate.

Since 2009, he has a Certificate of passing the Professional Exam on Practical Ability to perform Occupational Safety and Health operations.
(Certificate issued by the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy of the Republic of Serbia)

From 2005 to 2019, he performed the function of the Secretary of the PTT Serbia Trade Union, and in that period was a Member of the Commission for drafting the Collective Agreement of PE Post of Serbia several times.

By the Decision of the Government of the RS no. 119-1939/2013, he was appointed a Member of the Occupational Health and Safety Council of the Republic of Serbia. As a Member of the Council, he participated in the development of the Occupational Safety and Health Strategy of the Republic of Serbia for the period from 2013 to 2017 and took part in the drafting of proposals and amendments to the Law on Occupational Safety and Health.

Married and a father of two.

Born in 1971 in Šabac, Serbia.

She graduated from the Business and Law Department of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Novi Sad.

She started her career in 1999 in the Republic Administration of Public Revenues. She began working for the Tax Administration in 2003 in the Tax Police of the Novi Sad Regional Department as a Senior Tax Police Inspector, and from 2016 to 2019 she worked as the Head of the Novi Sad Tax Police Department. Since 2020, she has been working as the Head of the Operational Department of the Novi Sad Tax Police in the position of Chief Tax Advisor.

She passed the state professional exam and completed the financial forensics course of the Novi Sad Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management in Novi Sad. She attended several national and international specialized trainings - International practice of tax audit, Investigation methods within the project "Reform of Public Finances", trainings within the project "Prevention and fight against corruption". She participated in a study visit to the Financial Police of the Republic of Italy as part of the UNDP project "Reducing tax evasion by strengthening the capacities of the tax police in the field of operational analytics and intelligence work system".

Speaks Russian.

Married, mother of three.


Director performs the function of the managing body of the Enterprise. Pursuant to the legaly stipulated procedure, the Director is appointed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Zoran Anđelković


Zoran Anđelković, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia

He was born in Kruševac in 1974.

He graduated from First Belgrade Gymnasium. After completing his military service, he graduated from the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Law in 1999.

He successfully completed his postgraduate studies in the field of companies and public enterprises, defending his master thesis in 2012, as well as his doctoral dissertation in 2018, earning a doctorate in law.

He has been employed at PE Post of Serbia since 2000. During his professional career at the Enterprise, he has performed operations regarding property, technology and human resources, and has held managerial positions since 2003. Since 2014, he has been a member of the Executive Board of the Enterprise and then director of the Function of Legal Operations and Immovables Management. He is currently the Executive Director of the Enterprise.

He is active in scientific, economic and political life. He is the author and co-author of numerous scientific and professional works in the field of operations of companies. He is the representative of the capital of the Government of the Republic of Serbia in the Assembly of Shareholders of Nikola Tesla Airport JSC Belgrade and the President of the Assembly of the Company. He is the President of the Republic Electoral Commission.

He was born in 1976 in Belgrade.

He completed his grammar school in Limasol (Cyprus).

At the European University in Geneve he graduated in 2000.

His postgraduate studies, on the theme “Industrial & Economic Management“ at the University “Union“, successfully completed in 2013.

During his professional career, he was at the managerial positions:

  • from 2002 till 2005 was at the position of Director of “Elin Housegerate Wien“ company representative office, and
  • during period 2005 to 2017 was the Sales Director in the “Frutti Group - Vino Župa Holding“;

For the following two years, he managed Torbimon MMM Ltd.

Speaks English and Russian.

He is volunteering in work with children and grown-ups in Judo Club “Olymp“ from Belgrade, where he is the member of Administration, also as a volunteer.

He was born in Pančevo in 1986.

He graduated from high school "Uroš Predić" in Pančevo. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade in 2008, and Master's studies at the same faculty in 2012 with an average grade of 9.45 at the Department of Information Technology.

As one of the best students of the first generation of the Department of Information Technology at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, he actively helped professors in the development of the department and work with younger generations.

In 2010 at a public competition, he won a scholarship from the city of Pančevo for professional development of young talents abroad (Chevening scholarship, in coordination of the city and the British Council) and went to Leeds (Leeds, United Kingdom), where he graduated and obtained the title "Master of Science": Energy and Environment, SPEME Department, University of Leeds.

After completing his studies in Great Britain, he returned to Serbia in 2012 and started working in the Directorate for Construction and Development of the City of Pančevo as a mechanical engineer and coordinator of the green building project. In parallel with his regular obligations, he was also engaged in the modernization of IT systems at the company and education of colleagues for more efficient use of digital tools.

In 2014, having been invited by a faculty colleague, he went to the People's Republic of China and started a startup in Shanghai that developed a web platform with the goal of promoting a sustainable lifestyle (爱 能 递). At the same time, he got employed by the company "AirAware", which monitors the internal air quality and as technical director he led the development team of programmers on one side and the operational team of engineers and technicians who dealt with the implementation of the company's solution in the field. He got hired at SHHID Co., Ltd. (上海 华 尚 投资 发展 有限公司) in 2016, where, as the only foreigner in the company, he worked as an expert advisor of the IT director and dealt with networking of all business units of the company and development of applications for internal and external business.

He speaks English language.

Vladimir Šarić, Head of Director’s Office

Bojana Nikolić, Director of Services Function

Mirjana Rafael, Director of the Postal Network Function

Milica Spasić, Director of IT, E-communications and Development Function

Nataša Dimitrijević, Legal Affairs and Immovables Management Director

Jasmina Lopičić, Director of the Finance and Economic Affairs Function

Bojana Potežica, Director of Internal Audit Accompanying Function

Aleksandar Mijušković, Director of Strategy and Business Risk Assessment Accompanying Function

Organisational Structure

Organisational sheme

Organisational sheme of the Post of Serbia

The basic organisational parts of the Enterprise are established for the performance of operations within the business activity of the Post of Serbia, which ensure regular and smooth performance of the postal traffic and execution of all the other activities stipulated by the Articles of Association of the Enterprise, as well as the functioning of Enterprise, as a unified business and legal entity.

  • Director’s Office, Functions and Accompanying Functions;
  • Working Units and Regional Working Units.