MoneyGram money order - Service Description

MoneyGram money order

Easy money transfer worldwide.

Fast and affordable international money transfer available worldwide.

MoneyGram money order is a service of sending money to or receiving money from abroad. The service of sending and receiving money is performed in cash, in RSD currency, at counters of authorized post offices.

List of post offices providing the MoneyGram money order service

Sending money via MoneyGram money order

The Post provides services of sending money via MoneyGram money order in RSD currency, at counters of authorized post offices. The service fee for sending money orders is paid by the sender, in accordance with the MoneyGram Pricelist.

The amount paid when sending the money order is converted into the currency of the destination country according to the MoneyGram selling rate at the time of money order payment.

The sender is obliged to notify the recipient of the sending of money order and provide him/her with the following information: the eight-digit control number, first and last name of the sender, country of sending and the amount sent. Based on the received data from the recipient and the identification document, the money is then paid to the designated recipient.

The sender may request an additional service free of charge - a personal message for the recipient, which can consist of up to 40 characters.

The sending limit per money order amounts to: 999,999.99 RSD.

Receiving money via MoneyGram money order

The service of receiving money via MoneyGram money order allows for the collection of money at post office counters within a maximum of 10 minutes upon the payment is made. The recipient does not pay the fee for receiving the money order.

Out-payment is made after the identification of the recipient on the basis of a valid identity document. On that occasion, the recipient communicates an eight-digit control number, the expected payment amount, the sender's first and last name, as well as the country from where the money was sent.

The out-payment of money order is performed in RSD countervalue, in accordance with the MoneyGram purchase rate, at the time the money order was paid abroad.

If the transfer is available for out-payment in a currency other than RSD, the Post may offer to pay out the money in RSD countervalue if the customer agrees with the offered payment terms.


The customer can file a complaint electronically, at:; by regular mail, at the following address: PE Post of Serbia, Belgrade, Services Function, Takovska 2, Belgrade, PAK 135403; via the corporate website of the Post of Serbia, or in any post office by filling in the appropriate form.

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