M bag - Service Description

M bag

For sending up to 30 kg of printed material to the same recipient abroad.

The minimum weight of an M bag can be 2kg and the maximum 30kg.

M bag is a letterpost item in international postal traffic that contains a larger amount of printed matter items, which is sent by the same sender to the same recipient.

M bag cannot weigh less than 2 kg or more than 30 kg.

Name of the recipient must be indicated on the address label made out of cardboard or other appropriate material – dimensions: 90 x 140 mm. On each wrapping, placed in separate bags, the address of the recipient must be indicated in the same manner as on the address label. The sender is obliged to allow the post office employee to inspect the content of the bag.

Examples of proper addressing

Delivery standards for priority letterpost items

Which articles are prohibited from being sent by mail?

Postal items must not contain: dangerous and harmful substances, objects whose transfer threatens the health and life of humans and other postal items, narcotics, except when the recipient and the sender are authorized by law to traffic in drugs; live animals, except animals whose transport is regulated by specific terms for the provision of postal services, and other goods and object whose transfer is prohibited by law and other regulations.

When sending postal items abroad, you need to find out if the articles you want to send are prohibited for import into the destination or transit country.

Letterpost Items not subject to Customs Clearance

The list of forbidden and conditionally accepted articles for import or transit through a specific country.

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