PostFin payment - Service Description

PostFin payment

Shop online, pay at the Post.

Easy payment of online orders in your nearest post office.

The Post of Serbia enables using of services or collection of goods immediately after the payment is made.

PostFin payment is a service provided by the Post of Serbia which enables fast and simple paying of online purchase orders, provided that the website from which you are ordering offers this transaction model i.e. provided there is a PostFin mark next to the service or goods.

While shopping online, it is important that you accurately note the PostFin number, which uniquely identifies your purchase and is easily recognizable, always starting with the letters „PF“ (example: PF 012345678, 1,000.00 RSD). At the post office counter, all you need to do is provide your PostFin number, the amount, and make the payment.


  • voucher for collecting purchased goods or services is available immediately after the payment is made;
  • payment without filling out the payment forms and using of the services or goods immediately after the payment is made;
  • payments are possible at over 4,000 post office counters in Serbia;
  • payments are also possible during the weekends and holidays in on-duty post offices.

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