EMS (Express Mail Service)

Quick transfer of items in over 60 countries around the world, at affordable prices.

The Post enables quick transfer of postal items to more than 60 countries.

EMS items are registered postal items, without indicated value and without special services, weighing up to 30 kg.

EMS items in international traffic may contain: documents, goods, other items except those prohibited by Universal Postal Union and laws of individual countries.

Reception of EMS items:

List of countries for sending EMS items

Track the status of your EMS item electronically at track&trace, via Track&Trace delivery operators system, or by contacting Call Center at 0800 100 808 or 011 3 607 607, every working day from 8 till 18 hrs and on Saturdays from 8 till 15 hrs.

Prohibited items

Check the list of forbidden and conditionally accepted articles for import or transit through a specific country.

What can be sent in an EMS item?

EMS items are used to send documents, goods, and other items except for those prohibited by the Universal Postal Union and laws of individual countries.

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By calling 011 3607 607 or 0800 100 808, documents can be sent from the desired address from places across Serbia – in case that the weight of the item does not exceed 0.5 kg, or by submitting the item at the post office counter.

More information about EMS items and proper addressing

Goods in the form of a present (limited amount for the needs of one household)

From post office counters for the reception of EMS items, goods can be sent in the amount needed for one household. Along with the parcel, an apropriate number of "Customs Declaration CN 23" forms must be submitted.

Post of Serbia – DHL

Post of Serbia in cooperation with DHL International enables sending of DHL postal items, which can be submitted at the counters of 66 post offices in Serbia.

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