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Post Express – courier service

Post Express – a new name for speed.

Proper packaging ensures safe delivery of the postal item to the recipient.

In post offices, customers can buy specialized eco-friendly packaging for the packing of Post Express items.

If the customer choses to use their own packaging, they are obliged to pack the item so as to protect its content, other postal items and employees who handle the item.

The sender is responsible for the adequate packaging of postal items, whether using specialized or own packaging, except when requesting that the Post provides the packing service, which is charged separately.

Proper Packing Instructions

For the packing of postal items, appropriate packaging (wrappers, envelopes, transparent foils, boxes, crates, etc.) is used, which must be adjusted to the content, shape, size, weight and value of the item. Proper Packing instructions for postal items

Glassware and other fragile objects must be packed in a hard box filled with a suitable protective material, i.e. wrapped in a protective material and packed in hard cardboard, when the shape of the object does not allow packing in a box, so as to prevent any friction or impact during transport, either between objects themselves or between objects and box walls.

Liquids should be sealed in waterproof containers. Each container is placed in a special hard box in which there is a suitable protective material for absorbing liquids in case of damage to the container. The lid of the box closes tightly so that it cannot be opened.

Oily and sparingly soluble substances (lubricants, liquid soap, creams, resins, etc.) must be closed in the first packaging (box, canvas or plastic bag), and then in a box made of wood, metal, solid plastic material or other material, as to prevent content from leaking out.

Various types of dry powders must be packed in a container (bag, box made of metal, wood, resistant plastic material or cardboard). These containers must be placed in a solid box made of wood, tin, plastic, etc., and the space between the boxes must be filled with sawdust or some other protective absorbent material.

Live animals for which transfer is allowed - bees, leeches and silkworms - must be packed in appropriate cages, cases, tin boxes, etc. that provide all the necessary conditions during transfer, so as to avoid any danger to both animals and employees.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

In the spirit of socially responsible business, the Post of Serbia has introduced in its offer standardized branded packaging made of recycled material with different types of polyethylene and cardboard envelopes.

Envelope Type Size Price
(in RSD currency)
Polyethylene envelope made of recycled material for Post Express items Type A without pocket 240x300mm 9.00
Polyethylene envelope made of recycled material for Post-Express shipments Type B without pocket 280x380mm 10.00
Polyethylene envelope made of recycled material for Post-Express shipments Type C without pocket 350x450mm 15.00
Cardboard envelope made of recycled material for Post Express items Type B without pocket 270x350mm 25.00
Cardboard envelope made of recycled material for Post Express items Type B with pocket 270x350mm 30.00

Eco-friendly packaging can be found in all post offices defined for receiving Post Express items.

Prohibited Content

It is prohibited to send postal items that contain: money, jewelry, precious metals, precious stones (except within insured items); narcotics and psychotropic substances; live animals; explosive, flammable, radioactive and other hazardous substances; weapons and ammunition; piracy items; offensive and immoral objects; all other items the transfer of which is prohibited by law. More information

If there is a suspicion that the Post Express item contains some of the objects the transfer of which is prohibited, the employee in charge of receiving items may request the person submitting the item to open the postal item in order to inspect its content.

The Post of Serbia reserves the right to refuse to accept all postal items that do not meet the conditions for providing the Post Express service in terms of prohibited content and adequate packaging.

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