Sending parcels abroad - FAQ

Sending parcels abroad

Sending parcels abroad from the nearest post office, at affordable prices.

Parcels for international postal traffic must be submitted open.

Value of the parcel means insuring the goods and enabling compensation for the damage up to the amount of indicated value, in cases of loss or complete destruction of the parcel.

No. The postage for the transfer of parcels in international postal traffic must be paid exclusively by the sender when submitting the parcel.

Natural persons cannot send samples and advertising material.

A natural person cannot send goods intended for sale.

If you are a private customer and you wish to send goods, not intended for sale, you may submit the parcel in any post office.

You can do it electronically, on the official site of the Post of Serbia, on the basis of the parcel receipt number, you can track its status. Information on the parcel status can also be obtained by calling the Contact Centre at  0700 100 300.

In international postal traffic deadlines for transmission and delivery of parcels are not guaranteed, but expected.

If you are not satisfied with the data visible in the system for postal items tracking, you need to initiate an inquiry procedure at the post office.

On the official site of the Post of Serbia, within the tab “Sending parcels abroad“, you can find the List of prohibited items for import or transit through a certain country“. By selecting a country where you want to send a parcel, you will access the List of items which are prohibited for import (or transit) or are conditionally accepted.

On the official website of the Post of Serbia, within the tab  “Sending parcels abroad“, there are contact phone numbers and mail addresses of the Customs Post Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš through which you can find information on the possibilities and conditions of sending certain items abroad.

Postal parcels sent abroad must not contain: narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, explosive, flammable and other dangerous as well as radioactive substances, counterfeit items and piracy material, offensive nad immoral items, live animals, explosive devices, ammunition or their copies, items which, by their nature or packaging, can be dangerous for employees and which can damage other postal items or postal equipment, documents having the character of current and personal correspondence of persons other than the sender or the recipient, effective domestic and foreign money, except in cases of approval by the National Bank of Serbia (in insured postal items), other items whose import or trade is prohibited in the destination country.