Sending parcels abroad - Packing Instructions

Sending parcels abroad

Sending parcels abroad from the nearest post office, at affordable prices.

Parcel must contain information about the weight and addresses of the sender and the recepient must be indicated.

Dimensions and weight of the parcel for international traffic are dependant on the conditions of designated postal operator of the destination country.

Packing must match the weight, shape, content, size, and indicated value of the item, as well as the manner and length of transport.

Parcel can be packed in its own packaging (wrapping, packing box, case, bag) or in the original parcel packaging for general or specific purposes, of different shapes and dimensions, bought in post offices. The parcel packaging for specific purposes, made from three-layer cardboard, is intended for packing of bottles, projects, paintings, calendars, etc.

Parcel packaging for general and specific purposes can be bought in the post office.

When submitting the parcel in post offices, the parcel is submitted open. After the content control has been conducted, in terms of customs and exchange control, the sender closes the parcel.

The sender is responsible for the proper packing and closing of the parcel. Packing and closing must protect the content, so that it cannot be damaged by pressure and repeated handling. On the packaging or on the wrapping, it is necessary to leave enough space for the printing of official and postal labels.

Special packing

Fragile or glass items must be packed in a strong box filled with the appropriate protective material to prevent friction or blows during transport, either between the items themselves or between items and box edges. Liquids and easily soluble substances must be placed in completely impermeable containers. Each container must be placed in special resistant box filled with the appropriate protective substance, in the amount sufficient to absorb the liquid in case of breakage of the container. Box cover must be attached so that it cannot be easily opened.

Parcels containing glassware and other fragile items whose content requires special attention during receipt, processing, transport and delivery, the sender is obliged to deliver as separate parcels, i.e. as parcels with the service Fragile (if the destination postal operator accepts parcels with this service).

Dimensions of the parcel depend on the conditions of designated postal operator of the destination country.

Minimum dimensions of the address side of the parcel are 9 x 14 cm.

Maximum dimensions of the parcel: the sum of length and circumference of the parcel, at the widest point crosswise, can be maximum 300 cm, with the largest dimension being up to 150 cm.

Address of the recipient is written in the lower right part, address of the sender in the upper left part of the address side of the parcel. It is desirable to indicate the recipient's phone number and to additionally place one copy of addressess of the sender and recipient. On the wrapping, parcel must contain clearly written addressess of the recipient and sender, in Latin script and Arabic numerals. If the destination country uses a different writing and numeral system, it is recommended to write the addresses in those letters and numbers.