Sending parcels abroad - Documentation

Sending parcels abroad

Sending parcels abroad from the nearest post office, at affordable prices.

Parcels sent by natural persons abroad are not considered commercial goods, but in order to perform the customs procedure for import into the country of destination, it is necessary to have basic information on the contents of the postal item and the value of items recorded on the Parcel Label CP72 and possibly the Appendix to that form, if the parcel contains more than six items.

If you are a natural person, you can send a parcel from the post office counter that contains goods in the form of gifts, quantities of which are limited for the needs of one household.

When submitting a parcel, it is necessary to enclose a completed Customs Declaration CN 23 form based on which the post office employee enters data into the application, in order to print data on the Parcel Label CP72 form and possibly the Appendix to that form, if the parcel contains more than six items.

The form must be filled in legibly, with a detailed description of the contents of the postal item, by type of items, their weight and value (general descriptions of items such as: "clothing", "footwear", "food products", etc.) are not allowed. In order to expedite customs clearance, the information must be entered in English, French or the language used in the country of destination. By placing their signature in the appropriate section of the form, the sender confirms the accuracy of the entered data.

The data should be as reliable as possible, as this speeds up the customs clearance procedure in the country of destination.

If you are sending food products, it is necessary that they be in the manufacturer's packaging that contains the product declaration. Home-made food products (jam, ajvar, etc.) without a declaration can be confiscated or significantly prolong the import procedures that fall on the recipient.

An example of the completed Customs Declaration CN 23 form can be downloaded here.

Additional information regarding the customs procedure and the necessary documentation for the implementation of the customs procedure can be obtained by calling the Customs Posts in Belgrade, Novi Sad or Niš, depending on the territorial affiliation of the sender's address.