Free Shares - Procedure
  1. A citizen comes to a post office with all required documentation.
  2. Based on the submitted documentation, a post office clerk checks the status of shares, prints the Contract in two copies and gives it to a citizen to sign (one copy is kept by a clerk, and the other by a citizen).
  3. For the purpose of issuing the Order for selling his/her shares, a citizen gives answers to three questions:
    • How many shares does he/she want to sell?
    • What is the minimum price below which he/she does not want his/her shares to be sold?
    • Whether the bank account to which the financial compensation for free shares has been paid is still active? If not, a citizen gives to a clerk a new card for his new valid current account.

A post office clerk prints the Order in two copies and gives them to a citizen to sign (one copy is kept by a clerk, and the other by a citizen). When the Order is issued for the first time, two documents are to be signed: the Contract and the Order.

When issuing further orders, a citizen signs only the Order.

Inspection of free shares sale

In order for a citizen to be informed whether his/her shares have been sold at least for the price he/she stated in the Order, he/she can make an inspection in several ways:

  • free call to the Post of Serbia Info Centre by dialling 0700 100 300;
  • SMS to the number 2377, message text: AKCIJE – (space), unique number of the order; the price of SMS is RSD 30 + taxes;
  • by electronic means – entering the unique number of the order and PIN to the website of the bank “Poštanska Štedionica“ and Post of Serbia;
  • by going personally to the post office where he/she issued the Order for selling his/her free shares. The check whether the Order is realized is done on the day after the issuance day, after 16:30 hrs., and to the citizens whose orders are realized, the money shall be transferred to their accounts no earlier than three work days from the transaction, i.e. selling the shares.

Unique number of the Order is the number on the Confirmation of the receipt of the Order issued for the first sale of free shares.

Money withdrawal

The money obtained from the sale of free shares is paid to the current account a citizen stated on issuing the Order for selling his/her free shares. In case the shares are sold, and the money has not been transferred yet to the current account stated in the Order for any reason, a citizen shall be able to withdraw the money in all branch offices of the bank “Poštanska Štedionica“ (but not in post offices).

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