Postal Card - Service Description

Postal Card

Letterpost item, without envelope, weighing up to 20 g.

Postcards can also be cards that correspond with the dimensions of postcards.

Postal card is an open item, without envelope, weighing up to 20 g. Postal cards can also be postcards that correspond with the postal card size.

Postal card size: minimum 9 x 14 cm, maximum – 12 x 23,5 cm.

Postal cards that do not comply with the aforementioned specifications shall be treated as letters in terms of postage costs.

Examples of proper addressing

Which articles are prohibited from being sent by mail?

Postal items must not contain: dangerous and harmful substances, objects whose transfer threatens the health and life of humans and other postal items, narcotics, except when the recipient and the sender are authorized by law to traffic in drugs; live animals, except animals whose transport is regulated by specific terms for the provision of postal services, and other goods and object whose transfer is prohibited by law and other regulations.

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