PostFin payment - Service Description

PostFin payment

Cooperate with the Post of Serbia. Expand and accelerate payment options on your website.

With the PostFin payment model, you are expanding your payment possibilities for your online products.

For all legal entities that want to provide their online customers with the option of paying for their online purchase at post offices, we offer implementation of the PostFin payment solution.

PostFin payment at post offices primarily inspires customers’ trust in online shopping, as it simultaneously provides online payment and security, due to the fact that transactions are conducted through the Post.

This way, the following advantages are available for you and your customers:

  • online paying for goods and services without payment cards or bank accounts;
  • instant information on each payment transaction, as they are made via online connection with the system of the business customer;
  • fast payment transfer to the account of the business customer.

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