Transport and warehousing of goods - Service Description

Transport and warehousing of goods

Use integrated logistic solutions and support in the management of the supply process.

Modern transport and storage capacities of the Post represent the key to efficient management of the supply process.

Rely on the experience and the practice of Post of Serbia, as well as on its modern transport and warehousing capacities.

Choose services in accordance with your demands.

Collective transport of goods means taking over palletized and non-palletized goods at users’ addresses. We transport goods by fast and reliable regular lines, optimal routes, with a delivery time of two to three days, while storage capacities in postal and logistics centres in Belgrade and Novi Sad enable users to store and prepare goods for fast and reliable distribution.

Direct transportation of goods means renting a vehicle with a driver for the distribution of goods according to the specifically set schedule and site selection, delivery deadlines and special requirements of the users.

Electronic tracking of goods is available at the Post of Serbia corporate web site.

Warehousing of goods

Use the advantages of our modern postal and logistic centres and lease a warehouse capacity:

  • per pallet space, daily or monthly;
  • per cubic meter, monthly.

Additional services

According to the specific request of the user, the Post of Serbia may offer the following additional services:

  • Packaging of goods – adequate packaging for further transport;
  • Return of the accompanying documentation to the sender after the delivery – return of the signed document (Dispatch note) after the delivery;
  • Manipulation of loading units during loading and/or unloading – all loading/unloading operations at the sender`s and/or recipient`s address;
  • Consolidation – separation and/or joining of goods at the warehouse for further transport and delivery to the end user;
  • Manual inserting – insertion of promotional material;
  • Labelling – applying labels, declarations etc;
  • Filling in the bill of lading – filling in the documents accompanying the transported goods;
  • Return of empty pallets – return the pallets to the sender, after the delivery.

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