Direct Mail - Service Description

Direct Mail

Send your promotion material, advertising samples, a notification or a survey questionnaire.

Direct mail can be addressed and non-addressed.

Direct mail – direct communication.

In case you use Direct Mail service, you increase the chances to:

  • start a new business successfully;
  • discover your new potential customers;
  • present your new product to the target market;
  • improve your relationship with clients; increase sales turnover;
  • measure results obtained from a marketing campaign and selling activities.

Addressed direct mail

Addressed direct mail represents the most cost-effective way of advertising through direct communication with target groups of customers. Full name and surname, i.e. recipient's name and address are stated on mail items.

The biggest weight of an addressed direct mail item is 1000 gand at least 100 items of addressed direct mail may be sent in one posting.

Non-addressed direct mail

Non-addressed direct mail is distributed to a target segment: in a specified geographic area, to specific households or users of post-office boxes, but the recipients` data are not stated in the postings.

The biggest weight of a non-addressed direct mail item is 100 g.In one posting at the post office, the customer may send at least 1000 items of non-addressed direct mail.

If you want customers to reply to you after sending them postal items, please use the Paid Reply Service.

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