Additional services and services provided automatically - Service Description

Additional services and services provided automatically

Services provided at the request of the sender, recipient or ex officio.

Services at the request of the sender

  • Sending of the recorded item with return receipt - The item for which the sender requests a written confirmation of delivery in the "Return Receipt" form, which is then returned and sent back to the sender. These items are received only for the countries that accept this service,
  • Paid reply item - The service  is intended for legal persons sending their catalogues, brochures, questionnaires, polls and other advertising material to a large number of different addresses and expecting response from the recipients. Paid reply may be in the form of a postcard or a letter. The Post accepts  Paid reply items free of charge, and the customer who performed the distribution pays the postage only for the replies that are sent back,
  • Change or correction of the addressee’s address,
  • Redirection of the recorded item to the new address including "poste-restante", except for judicial letters,
  • Return of the item from the receiving post office, before dispatch,
  • Return of the recorded item, after dispatch,
  • Inquiry procedure for the recorded item,
  • Issuance of an additional Certificate of posting for Insured items,
  • Packing and addressing of items, filling in the forms.

Services at the request of the addressee

  • Safekeeping of the postal item, except for judicial letters,  in post office outside of prescribed deadlines, but no longer than 30 days,
  • Redirection of postal items to the new address including "poste-restante",
  • Delivery of "poste-restante" item to the address
    *"poste-restante" indicates the delivery of items at post office counters.
  • Redelivery of postal items,
  • PO Box usage.

Services provided automatically

Services provided automatically are those which the Post provides without any request from the sender or recipient.

  • Return of non-delivered item to the sender,
  • Reception and recording of Authorisations,
  • Re-packing of the item with damaged content, reporting on item’s irregularities and informing the customer,
  • Opening and review of the contents of the item suspected of containing prohibited items by the Commission, based on the decision of the Competent Authority,
  • Safekeeping of the item for delivery, pursuant to the deadlines set by the general conditions (storage charge),
  • Submitting the items for customs clearance for import and export,
  • Submitting the items for date-stamping or control to the competent authority,
  • Notifying the addressee or the sender that they need to submit necessary or missing documents for customs clearance,
  • Transfer of non-recorded letters and postcards for which postage has not been paid or has been underpaid,
  • Return of overpaid postage.

What is forbidden to send in postal items?

Postal items must not contain: dangerous and harmful substances, objects whose transfer threatens the health and life of humans and other postal items, narcotics, except when the addressee and the sender are authorized by law for drug trafficking; live animals, money, coins, banknotes, other securities, precious metals and valuable pieces of jewellery, except in insured postal items, and other goods and object the transfer of which is prohibited by law and other regulations.

When sending postal items abroad, you need to find out if the articles you want to send are prohibited for import into the destination or transit country.

Letterpost Items not subject to Customs Clearance

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