Printing Services and Postal Items Conveyance - Service Description

Printing Services and Postal Items Conveyance

From electronic data to the end user.

Printing, enveloping and packaging of invoices, notifications and marketing materials.

The service includes processing of data for legal entities that are sent in electronic form, printing, packaging of documents by using "Pressure & Seal" technology, as well as transfer and delivery to end users of printed items with printed content.

Information and Communication network of the Post of Serbia enables forwarding of data in electronic form to the nearest distribution center, where the data is printed, packaged, and dispatched for transfer and delivery to end users.

The service is used for printing, enveloping, and packing of invoices, marketing materials, and notifications, without the possibility of inserting attachments.

Besides basic services of printing, packaging, and transferring of items with printed content to end users, the Post additionally offers:

  • Editing client’s address database – introducing codelists of cities, municipalities, settlements, streets, and the application of the postal address code (PAK);
  • Creating document layouts;
  • Creating unique payment order forms (with OCR and bar code records) – in cases when the document is an invoice;
  • Collecting bills from clients of legal entities at post office counters.

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