Sending of telegrams abroad - Service Description

Sending of telegrams abroad

The Post of Serbia offers the service of delivering telegrams abroad for legal entities.

International telegram that is handed in the post office has to be written legibly and clearly in Latin alphabet.

For telegrams submitted by a legal entity at the post office counter, the Post of Serbia, as a reliable partner, depending on the mode of payment, provides the possibility of concluding a contract on transfer of telegram.

A telegram is a written message that a user can submit directly at the counter of each post office for all countries in the world. If handed in the post office, international telegram has to be written legibly and clearly in Latin alphabet.

For sending a telegram from the fixed phone of the Operator „Telekom Srbija“, dial 1961.

By calling 1961 with the landline telephone of the operator “Telekom Srbija”, it is possible to send telegrams in Serbian language to Croatia, Slovenia, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Telegrams in international traffic are charged per number of words.

The address of the recipient must have all the necessary elements which unambiguously define the recipient and enable fast and accurate delivery.

The reception of telegrams whose contents refer to violation of constitutional order, inciting national, racial, religious and other intolerance or hatred, as well as those directed against humanity and international law, life and body, honor and reputation and general security and property, are prohibited.

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