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Post Express BOX

Express easy!

Post Express Box is the right choice for e-commerce

Post Express BOX service is primarily intended for users who are engaged in e-commerce - entrepreneurs, craftsmen, manufacturers, shopping malls - that is anyone who performs product placement by selling their products over the Internet.

Send an express postal item using the Mobile Android or iOS Application “Post of Serbia“.

By purchasing a packaging, you also pay the postage, which includes the price by weight up to 5,000 dinars.

Post Express BOX can be purchased at post offices:

  • standardized envelope, for postal items weighing up to 2 kg and worth up to 5,000 RSD.
  • standardized box, for postal items weighing up to 5 kg and worth up to 5,000 RSD;

Dimensions of the Post Express Box envelopes are 28 x 44 cm and those of the Post Express Box 35 x 25 x 10 cm.


  • Possibility to complete most of the preparatory steps (packing and entering data into the application) before handing over the postal item;
  • simplified procedure for receiving postal items when handing over to the courier or in the post office, because the data that the customer has already entered in the Mobile Android application is retrieved;
  • electronic confirmation of the item reception is sent to the user's email;
  • fixed distribution costs and transparent prices.

The postal item can be Cash-On-Delivery item, enabling the customers to charge for their goods through the received COD money.

Realization of the service

  • The sender buys a Post Express BOX packaging at the post office or Post-shop points of sale;
  • during the packing, the sender manually fills in all the pre-printed data on the purchased packaging;
  • the sender enters the data into the Mobile android application "Post of Serbia" and on that occasion chooses one of the two ways to deliver the item - at the post or upon the arrival of the courier at the desired address;
  • the android application generates an ID number and all entered data are available for further processing in the technological applications of the Post;
  • the sender enters the ID number on the packaging and delivers the item to the courier or post office;
  • after the delivery of the item, the system generates an electronic confirmation of receipt of the shipment which is automatically forwarded to the user's email.

List of authorized post offices for receiving Post Express BOX items


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