Handling of parcels - Service Description

By choosing special services while submitting your postal item, you ensure special handling of parcels.

By choosing the special services option when submitting parcel items, you ensure special handling of your items.

Handling of insured parcels

Insured parcel is a registered item, insured up to the amount of the value indicated by the sender. As a rule, the indicated value must correspond with the actual value of the item, or with the importance of the item to the sender, but it is also allowed to indicate a part of that value.

COD Parcel

COD Parcel is a registered item with indicated value, that is delivered to the addressee, with mandatory prepayment of the COD amount in favour of the sender. Special COD service, as well as a type of the COD document, is indicated on the address label of the parcel.

Parcel with Return Receipt

Parcel for which the sender requests a written confirmation of delivery on the “Return Receipt” form, which is then returned and sent back to the sender.

Special Handling Parcel

Parcel containing items that are easily breakable and that need to be handled with special care. This parcel must be labeled with “Fragile”, “Glass”, etc. Bulky parcel must be received as Special Handling Parcel, more information about the bulky parcels are available here.

Personal Delivery Parcel

Special service of delivering the item exclusively to the recipient. The parcel must be labeled with “Personal”.

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