Advertising services - Service Description

Advertising services

Advertise your business in post offices all around Serbia. Everyone knows about the Post of Serbia, let them know about your business, too.

A widespread network of post offices provides unique opportunities for effective advertising.

Unique and everywhere available network of 1500 post offices, oriented towards the users` needs and requests, offers the possibility of advertisement services for products or services of your company. By placing advertisements for one or more of your services in a post office – in one place, you may conduct an efficient marketing campaign and achieve business goals in a short period of time.

The effects of your campaign may be additionally boosted up by combining advertisements and promotions with direct marketing approaches Direct mail and SMS services. For any additional information, please contact persons in charge in the cities and towns all around Serbia.

Contact persons for advertising in post offices

Advertisements on monitors

Draw attention of the users by a convincing visual presentation in duration of 30 seconds.

Broadcast videos or notifications with promo messages about your company's products or services on monitors in the most frequent post offices throughout Serbia.

During the working hours of a chosen post office, your advertisement is presented 10 times in an hour and is available to your potential customers.

The list of post offices with monitors

Advertisements on posters

Place promotional message of your company, product or a service in a prominent location.

Place the advertising posters in protected frames in post offices in all larger cities and towns in Serbia.

Choose the locations that best suit your business needs.

The poster formats: 

  • B1 (70,7 cm x 100 cm);
  • B2 (50 cm x 70,7 cm);
  • B3 (35,3 cm x 50 cm).

By consulting our employees, choose the locations of post offices, the advertising period, number of frames, as well as frame dimensions in order for your campaign to achieve optimal results.

The arrangement of poster locations

Advertisements in holders

Advertisement in holders represents a direct way of communication with a large group of potential customers.

Give the customers detailed information on your products and services on flyers and brochures, displayed in branded holders in selected post offices.

You may use either holders belonging to Post of Serbia, or those belonging to your company, of standardized dimensions, made of Plexiglas, cardboard or similar material.

Flyer handover at the post office counters

Make a first step towards the customers. Ensure the presence in every town in Serbia.

In accordance with your marketing plan, select the location, number of post offices and period of time during which you want to advertise your product or a service. Through the direct communication and after the finished transaction, our employees shall hand in your advertising material (a flyer) to every customer.

Presentation of branded items

Be in the same place where all your customers are.

Place the branded items – money boxes, flags, models or coasters at the post office counters and present the visual identity of your company, your product or service in selected post offices during the desired period of time.

Promotions in post offices

Establish a direct communication with customers and set the base for their trust.

By consulting our employees, choose a date, time and post offices where you shall place your promotion stands.

Hire promoters for the purpose of impressive presentation of products and services, as well as for obtaining feedback information from the customers.

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