SMS Bulk - Service Description

SMS Bulk

For continuous informing of users, sending notifications and advertising messages.

The service ensures the continuous sending of SMS messages to a large number of customers.

The service enables continuous notifying of customers via SMS messages, sending of advertising messages, notifications and personalized SMS notifications, sending of notifications on executed transactions, changes in the account, sending of SMS authorization codes for additional authentication (one time password) etc.

SMS services of the Post of Serbia are provided to customers of all mobile operators in the territory of the Republic of Serbia (mts, Yettel, A1, Globaltel).

This type of communication offers:

  • availability 24/7 – the choice of precise time interval for sending the message;
  • control – the user of SMS Bulk Service controls the notification process by himself;
  • reduced costs – the price of sending is lower in comparison with the price of sending via mobile phone.

SMS Bulk Service includes the following functionalities as well:

  • sending messages longer than 160 characters;
  • the use of Unicode characters – ш, ч, ћ, ж, ђ, that is, š, č, ć, ž, đ, in case you use Latin characters;
  • SMS logout from advertising bulk service which is free of charge for end users and is realized by sending “STOP” to 2322.

SMS Bulk Service of Post of Serbia is used by:

  • banks – for sending notifications for on-line deposits and withdrawals or credit instalments maturity;
  • shopping centres and service centres – for sending advertising messages and notifications on promotions);
  • media – for sending news;
  • other legal persons who are in need of sending various SMS notifications.

Bulk Express

SMS Bulk Express application enables simple and fast sending of advertising SMS bulk messages to a large number of users.

Advantages of SMS Bulk-Express service are:

  • sending SMS messages to a large number of users;
  • personalized addressing to the users – direct marketing;
  • simple use of the sending application, with no complicated installations and trainings;
  • reports and review of sent messages;
  • efficient technical support;
  • favourable price of an SMS message.

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