Handling of parcels - Service Description

Special services ensure special handling of parcels during transfer.

By choosing the special services option when submitting parcel items in the post office, you ensure special handling of your items during transfer.

Certain special services are provided only for those countries which accept those services, under the conditions prescribed by Acts of the Universal Postal Union.

Air Parcel

When submitting the parcel, you may require air transport. Air transport of parcels is possible only if the destination postal operator accepts this special service.  

Parcel with Indicated Value

Parcel insured up to the amount of value indicated by the sender. Indicated value must match the actual value of the parcel i.e. significance for the sender. However, it is allowed to indicate a part of the value. Using this service depends on conditions defined by the designated postal operator of the destination country.

Parcel with Return Receipt

Parcel for which the delivery is confirmed in writing by the recipient on the “Return Receipt” and which is then sent back to the sender as an unregistered letterpost item. The “Return Receipt” is filled out by the sender and submitted together with the parcel. The possibility of using this service depends on the conditions defined by the designated postal operator of the destination country.

Fragile and Bulky Parcel

A separate (fragile) parcel which contains items which are easily breakable (glass, porcelain, ceramics, etc) which are handed with special care. Bulky parcel is a parcel of special shape and structure which cannot be put together and transferred to other parcels, or whose dimensions are larger than prescribed. The services may be used depending on the conditions which are defined by designated postal operators of the destination country.

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Prohibited items

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