Personalized Postage Stamp - Service Description

Personalized Postage Stamp

Highlight the motif at your wish on personalized postage stamp presenting corporate identity on envelopes of all business mail items.

Original and distinctive way of representing corporate identity.

A stamp to remember.

Present the corporate identity in an original and remarkable way.

In the promotion period or throughout the entire year, highlight the logo, a recognizable product, an office building, a jubilee or important persons or events on the personalized postage stamp.

A personalized postage stamp is printed on a special paper.

It contains all required elements of a regular stamp – nominal value, the name of the country, the year of issuing and the identical perforation manner.

The smallest amount to be ordered is 200 stamps.

Payment is done in advance, based on the pro-form invoice, after signing the contract.

A personalized postage stamp may be obtained at the post office, 20 days after the payment.

Send us your request for the personalized postage stamp to:


A motif on a personalized postage stamp must comply with the Advertising Law, the Law on Public Information, the Law on the Protection of Competition and the Law on Personal Data Protection.

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