Services of Geographic Information System – GIS of the Post of Serbia - GIS portal

Services of Geographic Information System – GIS of the Post of Serbia

The Post of Serbia has developed GIS portal and in this way it enabled all users of its services to use GIS technology and the Post’s spatial data, as well as a better picture of the area in which the services are provided.

A part of Post’s spatial data can be seen on the GIS portal.

Overview of the content of the GIS portal

The Layers tab allows an interactive overview of the following spatial data:

  • boundaries of municipalities, settlements and territorial units of organizational parts of the Post;
  • position of post offices, mailboxes and ATMs;
  • PAKs polygons.

The Search tab allows search by the selected criterion and display on the map of:

  • areas of a particular municipality, settlement;
  • position of the street, PAK, area of delivery mail, mailbox, post office of your choice, particular home number, ATM.

The Analytics tab allows search by multiple criteria and display on the map of:

  • areas of settlements, municipalities (e.g. certain areas in km2 and with a certain number of inhabitants and legal entities), streets (e.g. certain name in a particular settlement), PAKs, mailboxes, post offices (e.g. with delivery area of a certain number of households and legal entities), ATMs.

The Analytics tab also allows you to:

  • find the nearest post office or mailbox;
  • find delivery post office for the desired address;
  • check delivery days for the desired address or availability of the service;
  • find the most busy post offices where legal entities can advertise or promote their services.

In the Analytics tab, in the Search by parameters section, it is possible to search all spatial data by setting one or more search criteria. For example, it is possible to search for all municipalities with an area of less than 300 km2 and which have fewer than 5,000 households, it is possible to find on the map all PAKs that have more than 200 households, etc.

In the Analytics tab, in the section Spatial view of services, it is possible to see the area where the services of delivery of postal services of choice are carried out, as well as the services of advertising in the post offices. As a result of the search, the thematic maps are obtained where the surface of the area where the requested services are implemented is highlighted in different colors. For example, by specifying the display of “parcel delivery areas”, the map colors the areas where the parcel delivery service is organized in different colors, according to the weekly number of service realization. A thematic map can be similarly obtained showing the delivery area for different types of postal items with locations of post offices where the delivery is realized.

The thematic maps on the layout of spaces for posters and plasma monitors show the locations of post offices colored and highlighted depending on the traffic coefficient or the number of advertising services provided per post offices.