Small packet - Customs Procedure

Small packet

For sending abroad goods and items weighing up to 2 kg.

Sending Postal Items and Customs Procedure

If you are sending samples, advertising material or goods of commercial nature, the postal item must be submitted for customs inspection.

When submitting the postal item at the post office, it must be submitted as open.

There are several ways to perform the customs procedure.

Submission of postal items with advertising material and samples

Postal items containing advertising material and samples can be submitted at all post offices. The postal item must be accompanied by a "Statement for the export of advertising material and samples", to which a proforma invoice or other commercial, official or accounting document is attached.

Hire the Post to represent you in the customs procedure

Use Post Sped service for mediation in the customs procedure.

Users of this service can submit postal items at all post offices.

Submission of postal items when the customs procedure is performed independently

Postal items containing goods of commercial nature are submitted with the "JCI" form for the purpose of conducting the customs procedure, exclusively in the customs post offices, in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis.

Submission of postal items upon completion of the customs procedure

Postal items for which a customs procedure has been performed can be submitted in all post offices, on the same day upon the procedure has been completed, with the "JCI" form.

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