Post Export – export of goods - FAQ

Post Export – export of goods

Safe and quick sending of commercial goods, at affordable prices.

Parcels for international postal traffic must be submitted open.

When submitting the item, it is necessary to submit the invoice (two copies). For the needs of our customs authorities, it is necessary that one invoice is in Serbian, and the other in the language used in the destination country. It is advised to place another invoice within the item, in the language of the destination country.

There are no limits regarding the frequency of sending items.

Post Export - Export of Goods service, since March 2016, enables stating that the goods are of Serbian preferential origin in the invoice. If you have a certificate for Serbian origin of the goods, it is necessary that you, in cooperation with the customs office, provide documentation that proves it.

If the recipient is the same for more parcels, and the total value on the goods does not exceed 1,000 EUR, only one invoice (in two copies), which includes all goods contained in all the parcels, is needed. When submitting parcels at the post office, it is necesary to list all the articles for each individual parcel on the CP 72 form.

It is advised to place a copy of  the invoice in each parcel for faster customs clearance of packages in the country of destination.

If the value of goods you wish to send to one recipient exceeds 1,000 EUR, you may split the goods in two or more parcels, whereby the value of one or more parcels per invoice must not exceed 1,000 EUR.

If the goods are not divisible, the user is referred to a regular customs procedure  (creating “SAD form”) and sending goods with the appropriate service.

Any kind of payment on the side of the recipient of Post Export item depend exclusively on the customs and other regulations of the country where the item is exported.

In case when Post Export item returns from abroad, the customer is informed to submit the appropriate CP 72 form which has been certified in the export procedure in order to enable the completion of the customs import procedure.