EMS (Express Mail Service) - FAQ

EMS (Express Mail Service)

Quick transfer of items for business customers in over 60 countries worldwide.

EMS items are registered postal items without indicated value and without special services, weighing up to 30 kg.

EMS (Express Mail Service) is a service that enables the shortest possible time period for the transfer of items in international postal traffic, at affordable prices.

Postal items are delivered in the shortest possible time.

Expected transfer times for postal items

The expected time of transfer does not include the day of receipt of the postal item, Saturdays, Sundays and days of state and religious holidays, which are celebrated as non-working days both in the Republic of Serbia and in the country of destination. The expected time of transfer does not include the time of possible detention of the item at customs.

EMS items may contain documents, goods and other items, except those subject to the legal prohibitions of the Universal Postal Union and the legislation of destination countries. Transfer is prohibited in EMS items for: metal coins, banknotes and bearer securities, traveller’s checks, pirated material, precious metals, precious stones, live animals, narcotics, psychotropic substances, offensive and immoral items, toxic and corrosive substances, explosive, flammable, radioactive and other dangerous substances, weapons and ammunition, items whose transfer is prohibited by regulations of the Republic of Serbia, as well as items whose import or trade is prohibited in the country of destination, as well as articles that by their nature or packaging may be dangerous to employees handling the items and articles that may damage other postal items or postal equipment and means used in handling the items.

EMS items in international traffic have to be submitted as open.

No, the transfer postage is paid exclusively by the sender, when submitting an EMS item.

EMS item in the international postal traffic is a service that allows the shortest possible period for the transfer of items and in this regard, transfer time limits are not guaranteed.

Money cannot be sent in EMS items in international postal traffic, since EMS items cannot have a special Insured Postal Item service.

EMS items can be tracked on the corporate website of the Post of Serbia, via Track&Trace delivery operators system, or by calling the Post Express Contact Center at 0800 100 808 and 011 3 607 607, on working days from 8 am until 6 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am until 3 pm.

EMS items in international traffic cannot be handed over as COD items or items with the indicated value.

You can send an EMS item from more than 500 post offices throughout Serbia.

List of post offices for sending EMS items

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