Sending parcels within Serbia - Service Description

Sending parcels within Serbia

Make a contract with the Post of Serbia and choose one of the custom-made services for business customers.

Increase efficiency and cut costs.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs. Take advantage of our distribution network and the availability of post offices throughout Serbia where you can submit parcels.

Affordable, reliable, and widely available parcel services.

Parcel services in domestic postal traffic are intended for all users who do not prioritize a short delivery time and who want to send goods and various items to recipients in a safe and economical way, at affordable prices, with a delivery time limit of up to 5 working days throughout Serbia.

Parcel is a closed postal item, weighing up to 31.5 kg with or without an indicated value, with a registered receipt number.

For parcels with an indicated value, the highest indicated value is 50,000 dinars. The service of handling parcels with indicated value is provided free of charge.

A new service, Regular Parcel, is now available, with which you can send a parcel without indicated value, at an affordable price.

Parcels are received at the counters of all post offices in the Republic of Serbia, while delivery is also performed throughout the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

At the choice of the sender, the postage for the transfer of the parcel can be paid by the recipient of the parcel.

Take advantage of the new service "Collection at the address of 5 and more parcels", in certain post offices, with an affordable price upon collection.

You can view the list of post offices designated for the collection of 5 and more parcels at the address here. This service can be scheduled by calling 011 3607 607 or 0800 100 808.

New: An SMS message is provided to the recipient of the parcel, in order to inform them about the arrival of the parcel for delivery at the address, i.e. about the parcel delivery.

Electronic tracking of parcels is available on the website of the Post of Serbia.

Proper addressing of parcel items

Prohibited items

The following is prohibited to be sent in parcels: dangerous and harmful substances as well as objects, products or substances that can endanger the health and life of people and damage other postal items, narcotics and psychotropic substances, materials of pornographic or erotic nature, live animals, piracy items, weapons and ammunition and all items the transfer of which is prohibited by law and other regulations. It is also prohibited to send: money, coins, bills, other securities, precious metals and valuable pieces of jewellery, except in insured postal items. If there is a well-founded suspicion that the parcel contains some objects, the transfer of which is prohibited by law, an employee of the Post of Serbia may demand that the person submitting the parcel opens the parcel in order for the employee to inspect the contents, as well as to establish the identity of the sender. Post of Serbia has the right to reject a parcel for which there is a reasonable suspicion that it contains prohibited items, i.e. the right to exclude it from transmission.